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Anonymous said:Have you or would you ever do a threesome ?

Nah I haven’t yet. Hell yes I would.

Anonymous said:Would you ever post a nude on tumblr?

Yeah some day

Anonymous said:This is a serious question because I'm curious, what does dick taste like


Anonymous said:Have you ever tasted cum that was genuinely sweet like actually tasted ok because last time a dude cum in my mouth I swear I nearly died it was too gross mine doesn't taste gr8 either ?•?•?•?•?

I’ve swallowed a few times and sometimes it was horrendous but sometimes it was fine. I was either drunk or SO horny though. There is no in between.

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News flash: I have flab and lots of it

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Anonymous said:Do you use grindr to hook up with guys?

Nah. Tinder. But I’ve never hooked up with a guy before on a dating app yet. I’d only do it if I really liked the look and sound of the guy, or if I was pissed and horny.

Anonymous said:What did your cum taste like?


Anonymous said:Like how do you remove hair from round your hole? Because shaving it is a bitch but I heard hair removal was dangerous

Can u please go to google u people are really scaring me

elliott-peter said:Come to Australia. :)

I am after new year 😁

Anonymous said:How often do you wank

Now and again, I’ve been shaggin tho recently it’s been fun hehe

tiagomartinsweb said:When are you growing your hair ? It would look great Great Blog by the way 👌

Now :) i only got it cut short again cos my hair was previously damaged by all the bleaching when it was white. So had to dye it darker, then shave it all off and it’s all currently growing out. I’m growing it long and wavy! :) thanks for the kind message I hope you are well! X

Anonymous said:Have you ever tasted your own cum?


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