Artist. Own a clothing store. I also enjoy writing and dabble in poetry. See my work on Instagram!

"La vie peut être si seule parfois, mais je suis heureux de vous avoir rencontré."

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Anonymous said:I follow you on Instagram and love your art!!! Keep up the fabulous work. -from a fellow art major!

This is awesome. Thank you. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

the-oncoming-stormm said:In need of some advice.

Whats up?

Anonymous said::( why has the year been so bad for you?

It’s personal, but thanks for asking.

jrdnh said:JAMES MAN! I hope you are well! Your art looks amazing! Keep going at it man! It's been too long. I hope to meet you soon lmao x

Thank you very much buddy! Yeah keep an eye out im drawing stuff everyday now! We will meet one day i’m sure of it!

glasscaedmon said:hi im not your anon but i have a crush on you :)

Hahahahahaha thats cute! Kiss on the cheek for you!

Anonymous said:You're living w/your parents right now? I thought you moved in w/your best friend?

My best friend lives with me in my parents house :) we are going to be looking for a place once she decides what she is doing RE Australia. She wants to go back, so we cant move out until she makes a decision!

skincravings said:aha thanks for the defence too 😅 x

No bother. They’re just arseholes hiding behind a grey face cos they’re so small.

Anonymous said:it's so sad, that spam boy obviously has a crush on you; peak for him

I think you have a crush on me. Go away and stop being a creep.

Anonymous said:Why do you try sooo hard to be relevant and seem like somebody? It's obvious you struggle on the inside.

I do struggle on the inside, don’t we all? If you don’t then awesome, good for you. And of course i’m somebody, everyone is somebody, nobody alive is irrelevant. Just goes to show how low of a person you must unfortunately be!

In fact, i’ve been through the worst year of my life. Nothing has been positive except the birth of my nephew, but i’m not going to sit here and try and explain myself or look for sympathy. Especially to someone cowardly enough to be anonymous cos they would not dare say this to my face.

If my life effects you so much that you feel the need to send this and other hateful messages, then it’s you that seems to be struggling my friend.

I hope you feel calmer and better soon x

skincravings said:sorry for the spam, I know I've said this before but you and your blog are just ughhhh x

Its not spam at all dude, really appreciate the message. Thank you very much - i hope you’re doing great buddy!