Love forever Love is free.

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Anonymous said:No one ever wants to talk to me, how can I change that?

I do.

sunsetsandoblivion said:James you're literally the best!!! xx

Love you lots! :) thank you xx

bxsicwh0re said:how did you originally get so mamy followers on say instagram or fb ? x

I have no idea. Just being me haha.


I’m about to hit my next milestone on Instagram. I’m sending a free tshirt to my 30,000th follower.


Anonymous said:about how many blogs do you follow?


supreme-labios said:you're mustache is everything bby 💕

Kissin u thru da fone

jmsbl said:Your mustache is actually kind of attractive in a weird way.

Thank u

Follow me on instagram i'm bored and checking out new accounts <3 @thejamesboyle

Anonymous said:Would you sext a follower ?

Na only if I rly liked ya

ec0cide said:Digging the late 70s' porno stache its cute on you😚😚

Thanks but I need to grow it back to be cute again

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