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allmenmustdie-valarmorghulis said:i don't know his name but he was ordinaryskg on cam4 and gaysexistheanswer (the tumblr blog) used to post stuff about him. then he got a deal with Randy blue and did one solo video as kevin klarkson and then i haven't really seen anything about him since.

I am totally looking into this shit

Anonymous said:hi james I just ate a plate of Oreos, does that count as dinner? advice plz

If 3 caramel cakes counts as my breakfast then hell yes

Anonymous said:What your fav jam flavor

Apricot ha

Anonymous said:Do you miss Jordan?

No I’m ok now :) it’ll be nice to see him one day for sure! but I don’t miss him anymore to the point where it hurts or anything, my life is so different now and I find it quite hard to remember what he was like too it’s really weird! I spoke to him 2 days ago tho and he seems to be doing well! :)

Anonymous said:There's a video of that guy jerking off and one of him getting fucked out there in the interwebs somewhere

I need to see it he is so hot

Anonymous said:Do you ever wear makeup?

Nah but I’d happily wear eye liner or dark eyeshadow that shit hot

Anonymous said:do you miss the days you were in school and could see ur m8s a lot?

Erm I used to and yes sometimes for different reasons but I’m enjoying my life so much at the moment I wouldn’t change it for the world :)

blueswed said:Your blog and clothing style is very nice :)

Thanks man :)

clu5terfuck said:do you follow his ig?

Follow who’s?!

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